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Bus Stop

This woman who is standing over there, next to the bus stop is broken. Her clothes are faded into the sky of grey and her face is unremarkable and almost invisible. She is looking down at her phone to ensure no connection or contact from another person, tree or bird. With her tightly wound hands she piddles away in her devise to pass time, and get her through this awful life that she has made for herself. On one hand, it's something she's always wanted, but now that it's severed to her on a plate, its lonely, empty and inhuman. In an attempt to devour her feelings, she has wasted away in slightness of stature, that a small breeze could take her over along with some dead leaves. She feels deserving of this cage and knows that she is here forever, along for the desperate ride, but not being able to make a move to another bus.

8:44 a.m. - 2019-03-15


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